Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Talk

The Queen Boss called me in today for The Happy Talk.  Everybody knows what this is about. I know what this is about.

I bump into her in the kitchen and she starts complimenting my sweater.  "You look great!" she says.  She links arms with me as we walk out the kitchen and starts prattling about some student sponsorship proposal sent to her by a kid who mentioned my name. She draws me into her room and as she closes the door she lowers her voice and whispers, "are you happy?"

I suppressed a smile. I love when things are handed to me on a silver platter.

I allowed her to prattle on a bit more and as she progressed I knew she would make a few welcome and unwelcome suggestions. 

"I was just wondering whether you are alright, whether your salary is too small."

A welcome suggestion.

"I was wondering whether you're getting enough exposure, I think you need an Indonesian boss as well."

An unwelcome suggestion.

I wanted to tell her I absolutely love working with foreign bosses because they trust me and let me do whatever I want and keep off my back and respect my personal affairs. Plus, I don't have to act Javanese with them.

I didn't tell her that.  Instead, I told her that I will be asking for a mid-year salary review. She seemed quite satisfied.

She then said I strike her as the sort of woman who would be ambitious and driven even after I have a family, unlike my colleagues who have recently quit.   God people can be so prejudiced. 

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