Thursday, May 5, 2011


Apparently a date tonight.  Set up by a friend based on certain criteria and so forth.  The boy immediately scans through my facebook page and probably figures that I'm cute and we have things in common, like photography. He quickly adds my bbm and texts me some preliminary questions, such as, "are you into photography?".  He sends me a link to his flickr site and it is named after his name + "aholic".  For example, if it were mine it would be "stellaholic".  Very original, you see. 

I flick through his flickr (there you go, flickr, I used the pun exactly as you envisioned) and find some very nice shots and street scenes. His camera is serious and his colors are considered. His travels are extensive and his eye is keen on little details that the audience will be surprised to realize look good when cropped in a little square frame.

I'm not impressed.

"Let's go photo-hunting some time," he says.  In the pictures he comments on what type of camera he used.  Maybe he discusses with his mates what ISO it was set on and so forth, I don't know.  I don't understand the concept of photo-hunting.  I travel for the sake of all five of my senses and to fulfill an unexplained hunger in my soul and I take photos to preserve them. He praised my pictures for being "raw" (well, that sounds appropriate) and professional-looking and I am mildly surprised at the fuss he's making.

But perhaps I am being too hard on him too soon.  (Which is also his fault because why waste time on standard banter over blackberry messaging when he could have saved it for the date?).  Okay, I'm done.  I will meet him tonight and see how it goes. Oh and by the way mother reminded me this morning to "be calm and not too illustrious because he might end up liking you and then you'll be in trouble".  She is impossibly the best.

Mother was right and I am in trouble.

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