Thursday, July 4, 2013

Orphan Express #2

Ramadhan is coming up and with it the tide of good bearings, positive givings, and bright intentions.  Keep your calendar close! Save the dates! Iftar feasts! High school reunion! Middle school reunion! College reunion! Office reunion! Cooking class reunion! Obscure taekwondo gang whom you haven't met in five years reunion! 

The tables will be groaning with sweet tea and dates and the roads will be swelling with hungry eagerness. Beggars will hit the jackpot as normally apathetic individuals attempt to collect as many divine brownie points as they can by being generous, knowing that the points will be multiplied by seventy, exclusively this month only.

The girls are also getting excited.  Apple wants to celebrate her birthday at the orphanage, bringing food and donations and having a little pray-together with the orphans. She wants all the girls to donate money and Cherry, Peaches, Plum and Pear are all so supportive that they immediately transferred the money within half an hour of the request.  I am about to do the same but maybe later when suddenly Apple declares that she is going to use the money to buy donations of empty writing books, religious books, kerudung scarves and peci caps. As if just the act of giving wasn't religious enough, such that at least 75% of the items donated had to be for religious purposes too.

I love Apple and it would be callous to question her choice of philanthropy on her birthday, so I asked her: "Can I directly donate books?"

She said of course, "of course of course". 

Perfect.  I am going to give those orphans exciting things to read.

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