Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Questions

There's that book Oprah reviewed several years ago, which accidentally stuck in my mind for goodness knows why.  I don't remember the title, but it was something in the lines of "questions to ask before you get married."

No idea what's in the book. But here are some questions he's answered on different occasions, which I'm listing down for the sake of making lists.

Q: "I don't want to have babies until reeeeeally later.  Is that cool with you?"
A: "Sure. It's your body and your right."

Q: "I don't want to live in Jakarta forever."
A: "Me neither."

Q: "I would really like to have an organic farm."
A: "I would really like to have a brewery."

Q: "If we can't have babies for some reason would you mind adopting?"
A: "Of course I wouldn't mind."

Q: "If our child wanted to marry a non-muslim would you mind?"
A: "Of course I wouldn't mind."

Q: "If our child turned out to be gay would you mind?"
A: "I wouldn't mind. But I would be careful to protect him/her from our parents."

Q: "I refuse to force our child into a certain profession."
A: "I would encourage them into a certain profession so that they can rebel against it and find their own true calling."

There you go.  I'm thinking of having the list registered at a public notary or appendixed to our pre-nup.

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